Bujinkan Taikai Calendar – International Ninjutsu Training Seminar Events

Bujinkan Taikai Calendar for International Ninjutsu Training Seminar Events

ALL entries for International Events are welcome. To add your Ninjutsu Bujinkan Taikai, Training Opportunties and Seminars, just email us to ask for access permission.

Contact the manager to request permission to enter listings on the calendar*

Default Time Zone is USA West Coast (Los Angeles)

Bujinkan Taikai Calendar - International Ninjutsu Training Seminar Events

*Contact us to request permission to enter your taikai, seminar or special event on the calendar. Once you are granted permission, you will be able to add and edit entries whenever you need. When you enter your free listing, please remember to post details. Including links or contact information will help “Ninjas in Training” viewers find your event. (The BujinkanTraining.com volunteers do not keep any detailed information about these events, so we will not able to help people with your event.)

This calendar is not intended for listing your normal dojo hours. But you are welcome to request a free listing of your dojo, or a  training partner listing, on the International Ninjutsu Bujinkan Dojo and Training Partners Map)

The Taikai and Seminar Events calendar is provided by Ninja Learning Network as a free service to the Bujinkan, Ninjutsu International community. Othe martial art events may not appropriate for this calendar, unless the lessons are related to training that is relevant to Ninja and Samurai training techniques. If you enter events that are tangentally related, please explain it in the details of your listing. The calendar managers reserve the right to remove content or to revoke access permissions for any reason. Ninja Learning Network and the calendar here on BujinkanTraining.com is managed by real volunteer ninjas. Train ON!