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Watch FREE Bujinkan videos, excerpts from the Bujinkan black belt course BASICS OF NINJA TRAINING®, which has the entire 8 hour video curriculum from Sensei Roemke’s Dojo. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is also called ninjutsu, ninpo and derives from Ninja and Samurai based martial arts.


You should watch the FREE Bujinkan videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Some of them are excerpts from the Bujinkan black belt course BASICS OF NINJA TRAINING®


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Bujinkan Black Belt Course

About “Basics of Ninja Training®” Bujinkan Training Video Black Belt Course

The black belt course with Sensei Roemke will demonstrate all 9 Kyus in 62 Bujikan videos, over 8 hours of bujinkan training video instruction plus a printable PDF 40 page Curriculum guide with Kyusho Points chart. Learn Bujinkan Ninjutsu with the full course and don’t forget to watch the additional free clips on Youtube to collect new tips and variations to practice with your training partners.

Learn Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu with this course for a complete “Shodan Level” first degree black belt in the Japanese martial art often called “Ninjutsu.” This 1st degree black belt Bujinkan video program was developed by Ninja Learning Network and 15th Dan Bujikan Sensei Mark Roemke. These Bujinkan Ninjutsu videos cover many basic ninja weapons and concepts in addition to the fundamental maneuvers and variations. Instruction by Sensei Roemke is authorized by Hatsumi Soke, who passes down this authentic Ninjutsu training in the ancient art of the Samurai and Ninja.

The Bujinkan video instructions in the Basics of Ninja Training course includes:

Junan Taiso – Body Conditioning
Kamae – “Postures”
Taihenjutsu – “Body Movement / Body Position Changing Techniques”
Ukemi – “Breakfalls”
Kaiten – “Rolls”
Shiho Tenchi Tobi – “The Four Ways of Heaven/Earth Leaping”
Kiten – Flips
Kuten – Handsprings
Dakentaijutsu – “Striking Techniques”
Hoken Juroppo Ken – The Sixteen Secret Fists
Keri – Kicking
Uke Nagashi – Receiving Flow
Shinobi Aruki – Silent Walking
Tai Sabaki – “Body Movement/Evasion”
Ashi Sabaki – “Leg/Foot Movement/Evasion”
Zanshin – “Awareness”
Kihon Happo – “The Eight Basic Ways”
Koshi Kihon Sanpo – “The Three Basic Ways of Striking”
Torite Goho Gata – “The Five Forms of Grappling”
San Shin No Kata – “The Three Hearts Forms”
Hajutsu Kuho – “The Eight Techniques and Nine Ways”
Tehodoki – “Wrist Escapes”
Taihodoki – “Body Escapes”
Gyaku Waza – “Reversal Techniques
Nage Waza – “Throwing Techniques
Jime Waza – “Choking Techniques
Kuzushi – “Off Balancing” with Physical and Mental Techniques
Weapons – Shinken Mutodori Gata – “Sword Evasion Skills” and Other Weapons
Kyusho – Weakness Points Used to Create Pain, Confusion and Distraction
Metsubishi – Deceptive Distraction (Physical and Psychological)
“Angle/Distance/Timing” – The Three Most important Elements of All Motion

Bujinkan Training for Weapons in the video course includes:

The Mind, Hanbo – Short Staff, Katana – Sword, Rokushaku Bo – Long staff, Shoto – Short Sword, Tanto – Knife , Kusari Fundo – Chain w/tips, Kunai, Tessen & Jute – Blades, Shuriken – Throwing Blades, Shuko – claws, Naginata/Yari – Spears, Kyoketsu Shoge – Rope/Ring, Hand Guns, Pens/cups/keys/dirt


More about the Bujinkan Black Belt Course

The Basics of Ninja Training 1st-degree blackbelt (Shodan) video program was developed with Sensei Roemke at the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo. Whether or not you ever want to test for your Ninjutsu black belt, these Bujinkan videos are a classic and complete reference material that will improve your quest for martial arts wisdom forever. It is ideal for all martial arts students studying for Shodan level (1st degree) black belt belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (aka “Ninjutsu” the ancient art of the Ninja, founded by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.) For students of all other martial arts, it is an excellent overview of the essence of Bujinkan Ninjutsu self defense.

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